Our Approach

Sustainable food

After becoming the UK’s first caterer to receive the top three star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, you can be confident that you are making the right choice with Squid & Pear both in terms of taste and for our beautiful planet.

It is our mission is to feed, support, inspire and lead people to making better choices with their food.

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Seasonal menus

Our menus are dictated and inspired by the seasons because quite simply, when you work with the seasons everything is always at its flavoursome and nutritional best. We understand how difficult it is for us busy Londoners to eat the right food operating at the rapid pace that we all so love to do here, which is why we love to help you to feed and nourish your guests so that they leave your party feeling splendid – a great meal always stays with you. We also understand the need for excellent cake, because you can’t be sad when holding a cupcake – and it’s always somebody’s birthday somewhere…
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Serving London

Since launching our little business out of Pear’s home kitchen back in 2011, we have had the honour of feeding some of the biggest and most beautiful brands whom we’ve long admired and hope to be like when we grow up. Our bookings range from photoshoots to film and music video shoots; press days to impress and canapés for a 2000 hungry minglers – we simply adore what we do and we regularly have to pinch ourselves.
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